Tour Promo Raef in UII Yogyakarta!

You are the one is one of my favorite song from Raef Music Album! The song is very nice to listened, and the video is very creative! Especially the lyrics of this song, i love it!
You must check this out this video!

3 November 2014, there was Tour Promo of Raef, School for Gaza in UII at 10.00 am.
Unfortunately, on that day I had class.
It's confusing to choose going to campus for classes then not watching the concert, or going to the concert but passed the classes?
Very confusing.... :(
I decided to went to the class. I was sad, i thought i can't came to mini concert.
Fortunately, my class finished faster than usual. And when I looked time, it's not too late, i can make it!
Alhamdulillah, Allah gave me a chance to had a class and came to the mini concert on that day .
When in Kahar Muzzakir, i saw an empty chair in first row. WOW! I choose it.

Usually i just can watch Raef on Youtube, but on that day I can met him and I can saw he singing more than five songs, how exited!
And i can took a picture together with him.

He said, if you heard the song, dont just listened, but feel the lyrics, it will make you loves Allah and Rasulullah more. Thank you Raef!

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